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Edda Magnason - Goods (CD Digipack Album)

Image of Edda Magnason - Goods (CD Digipack Album)


This is the second full length album from Edda Magnason.

Open the cover and take out the salmon pink booklet with the black print. Sit back and immerse yourself in another reality. Just like on the last album, Edda guides you around with her vivid lyrics and her adventurous voice, but on "Goods" it's no longer just Edda's piano playing that forms the musical backbone; now there's full orchestration, strange keyboards, electric sitars and choirs of Russian sailors.


01. Camera
02. Blondie
03. Beatle
04. Magpie´s Nest
05. Handsome
06. Hur Jag Föreställer Mig Det Är Att Segla (How I Imagine Sailing)
07. Ancient Star My Innocent Heart
08. Falling Asleep To A Kitchen Conversation
09. Sound Of Arrivals
10. One Man Show
11. Jormine