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Den svenska tystnaden - Den svenska tystnaden (12" vinyl album)

Image of Den svenska tystnaden - Den svenska tystnaden (12" vinyl album)


This is the debut album from "Den svenska tystnaden"

Contemporary art. Nothing is more fitting to describe “Den svenska tystnaden”.

They stand on the shoulders of music history, though never looking back, firmly placed in its presens with the reality literary knocking on the door.

Musically they broadens the concept of what a Swedish singing band with drums, bass guitar, electric guitar and voice are supposed to do.

Literary they are placing the reality inside small individuals, old individuals and workers doing their 9 to 5 job. No matter where the story takes place, there’s a struggle. There’s always a struggle.

“Den svenska tystnaden” are with an almost mental perfection, persistently creating their own unique place in Swedish music. Songs lingering on childhood and the unawareness it implies. Music of afro-shoegazer-pop, still influenced by Neil Young and Kraftwerk.